Well if this isn't overdue I don't know what is! School has been ridiculously crazy but as of yesterday am I done term 1! To celebrate, here's a TGIF post for your reading enjoyment.

Best part of the week: I finished my first term at school yesterday and I was STOKED! It was tons of work (as I’m sure you noticed from my lack of blog posts) especially towards the end but the work was fun and I’m really proud of what I accomplished! It was also my birthday last weekend so that was definitely a highlight.

Worst part of the week: Presentations. In. Every. Single. Class. This was the worst for two reasons: 1) I don’t particularly enjoy doing presentations and 2) listening to presentations for 6 solid hours a day is B-R-U-T-A-L.

Something I’m grateful for: I don’t even know where to begin with this this week. I just have so much to be grateful for! I’m grateful for the stellar weather we’ve been having, all the love I felt on my birthday, the education I’m receiving, the fact that I have a car, the beautiful place I live in… All the gratitude!

Something I’m excited for: I am heading to one of the Gulf Islands this weekend for Canada Day and I am SO excited. Friends, fun, sun, snacks, lounging… I can’t wait!

158) What would be your dream sandwich? Peanut butter and banana. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Happy weekending my friends! I plan on taking alllllll the photos this weekend so get ready for a photo dump sometime next week. And be excited because they will all be taken with my NEW LENS!

DIY Wood World Map


Hello! It's been awhile! And an even longer while since I've shared a DIY project. As I'm sure you've guessed, school is to blame. I have had projects and tests and more projects and my life has been super busy so the blog has been a little neglected. But this past weekend my friend and I decided to tackle a project that we'd always wanted to make but never had the time to do.

I'm sure you've seen these wooden pallet map wall hangings all over Pinterest or at your local craft fairs or on Etsy, and if you have the same mentality as me, thought to yourself, I could make that. And you totally can! Let me show you how.


Step 1: Gather your materials

You will need:

  • wood panels
  • saw
  • pencils
  • paint
  • paint brushes
  • sandpaper
  • world map stencil (we printed out a map from Google images)

Step 2: Cut and sand your wood and attach the pieces together

We started sawing our wood with a handsaw but my dad and his friend were building an extension onto our deck and happened to have a circular saw. We quickly marked where we wanted our cuts, slid the wood into their pile and had four pieces of equal-ish wood perfect for making our project. Once the pieces were cut we gave them a quick sand to smooth them out and get them ready for paint. We had limited materials available to secure the pieces together so we ended up using hot glue - lots of it - but aren't convinced that this is the most efficient way of connecting them. A piece of reinforcing wood attached at the back would probably add a lot of stability and make sure the project doesn't fall apart.


Step 3: Cut out the stencil and trace it onto the wood

This part was tedious but is pretty much the most important part. 


Step 4: Paint in the map

We chose to do it in white because it makes the design pop and keeps the map neutral enough to be put up in any space. This part is pretty self-explanatory but my only tip is to start on the edges to keep them clean and work your way in.


Step 5: Add your words

We chose the phrase "our adventures await" and wrote them out first by hand then painted over them with black. Unlike the map we painted the middle parts first then cleaned up the edges at the end. 


Have you ever made one of these wood world maps? It was definitely a lot of work but saved us over $100 and made for a super fun afternoon!


**A few photos of my friend's new puppy, Rosa**

Best part of the week: Well I had a bunch of tests and exams this week but I totally slayed the one I thought was going to be the hardest.

Worst part of the week: A lot of tests meant a lot of studying and a lot of late nights and a lot of early mornings which made for a very tired Emily.

Something I’m grateful for: My university education - I think that my undergrad is making this program a bit easier and gave me some really great tools that are helping me study, apply knowledge, and make connections that I would otherwise be able to make.

Something I’m excited for: I’ll be spending all day working on a project that’s due at midnight tonight (that I haven’t really even started) but once that’s done my weekend will be free! After the week of studying I am so ready for a relaxing weekend spent lounging, creating, and maaaaaybe doing some homework.

692) What nicknames do you have/have had? Well I’ve obviously been called Em since forever but in elementary school I also went by “Mem" because that’s what a little boy called me and it stuck. In the last couple of years Emilina has been my go to nickname which I have modestly added “The Great” to which makes me “Emilina the Great”. And to my mom I’m also “Boon” but I don’t remember why…

May your weekend be full of fun, lounging, naps, coffee, snacks, and anything else that makes you happy!