We made it through another week! It was a bit touch and go a couple of times on my end, but I'm happy to report that I (and more importantly all the people I had to interact with this week) survived the stressful pre-move week. Huzzuh!

Best part of the week: There have been so many emotions this week! So many highs, so many lows, so many moments of worry, so many moments of excitement. I thought that it would be a no brainer writing the best part of my week this week seeing as I finished at my job. But as I’m writing this it’s all still feeling a bit surreal. Like it hasn’t really sunk in yet. Maybe the best part was getting the carpet cleaners all sorted. Or getting my hair done on Wednesday. Or last night, lying in bed listening to the rain hit my window and feeling the breeze on my face and arms. That was pretty nice.

Worst part of the week: Shelling out $200 to get the gosh-darn curtains (that were never even used anyway) dry cleaned. Cue anger, rage, frustration.

Something I’m grateful for: Having a full time job that has given me the means to be able to afford this helluh expensive move.

Something I’m excited for: Sleeping in. With all the things I’ve had on my mind, my sleep has been less than decent. So a nice sleep in on Monday morning blissfully done with packing, cleaning, and stressing, will be the best.

202) If you could learn any language fluently what would it be? French. I took it all throughout high school so I can fudge it a bit but to be able to speak it fluently would be pretty fantastique.

Happy weekending friends! And may it full of caffeine, chocolate, and sunshine!

DIY Matcha + Charcoal Face Mask

A super simple DIY face mask using activated charcoal powder and matcha green tea powder

A few weeks ago I shared some of my favourite ways to give my body a little extra lovin'. I mentioned a charcoal face mask that I make since making that post I've created a new little recipe using matcha and charcoal.

I found the charcoal to be a bit drying on it's own so after doing some research I decided to add a bit of matcha to the mix. The thing I love most about this mask is that depending on what your skin needs you can adjust the proportions accordingly. The matcha is really moisturizing while the charcoal has more of a drying and purifying effect, so when my skin is feeling a little on the dry side I add more matcha l and when I feel a bit oily I add a little extra charcoal.

matcha powder and activated charcoal for making an all natural face mask

Ingredients + Supplies:

  • matcha powder
  • activated charcoal powder
  • small jar or bowl for mixing
  • foundation brush
  • face cloth (optional)

Step 1: add small scoop of each powder to the jar.
I never use exact measurements because I change it up slightly each time. But the first time I made the mask I used a 1:1 ratio. This gave me a good idea of how my skin reacted to the mask and let me figure out which powder I wanted to use more/less of next time.

Step 2: Slowly add water to the powders, mixing with your make up brush.
You want the consistency to be paste-like. Too runny and it'll drip off your face, too dry and you'll have a chunky, flaky mess happening. I slowly add a few drips from the tap, mix, add a few more, mix, and continue this way until the mixture has a toothpaste-ish consistency.

Step 3: Paint the mask onto your face using your make up brush.
The first two times I made this mask I used my hands to spread it on and it was a mess. So although you don't necessarily need the brush, I highly recommend it.

Step 4: Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes or until it's completely dry.
Read a book, watch a YouTube video, catch up on some news, do a puzzle...

Step 5: Rinse it off.
I usually get in the shower to rinse mine off because the charcoal can make a bit of a mess on your counters. Plus, rinsing it off in the shower means you don't have to dirty a face cloth!

Step 6: Moisturize
One of the best things you can do for your skin (other than drink lots of water) is moisturize it. Whether you use a fancy cream or serum or just regular old coconut oil your clean skin will thank you.


walking home from work in the sun yesterday had me all CHEEEEESE!

Best part of the week: yesterday I walked home in THE SUNSHINE!!!! And I was too hot!!!! It was seriously the best part of the month. I got some extra vitamin D, a little bit more exercise, and THE SUN WAS SHINING!

Worst part of the week: On Wednesday morning I woke up at 4am with a major headache that kept me awake until it was time to get up. It lasted all day and I even woke up with it yesterday morning. I drank lots of water and took all the meds I could but nothing seemed to help. It was terribly uncomfortable and rather annoying.

Something I’m grateful for: The sunshine! I'd forgotten how good it feels to see nothing but blue sky and feel warm(ish) sun on my face. Come oooon spring!

Something I’m excited for: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ON SATURDAY! Roomie and I got our tickets online on Thursday night and I could not be any more excited. I adore Emma Watson, Beauty & the Beast is up there with the Lion King as far as my favourite Disney movies go, movie theatre popcorn is always a win, and new recliner chairs in the theatre mean that Saturday is shaping up to be a pretty stellar day.

513) Have you ever starred in a school play? Thankfully, no. I don’t do well when the attention of too many people is on me so being on the bleachers in the choir was perfectly fine with me thank you very much.

I hope everyone has a productive and happy weekend. I will be spending mine packing, organizing, and fan-girling at the movie theatre!