Holy lack of posts! School is really amping up and I've been finding it hard to work in the time to sit down and write a blog post let alone find the time to take photos, edit them, and write about it! So apologies for the radio silence and I'm doing the best that I can!

Best part of the week: School is starting to get busy and as odd as it sounds to be excited about that I really am excited! I was feeling a bit bored in the beginning but now I'm feeling just the right amount of stressed and am (for the most part) enjoying being back in school. 

Worst part of the week: Wednesday was a presentation day and it was painful. I don't like presenting but you know what I don't like even more? Listening to presentations for SIX HOURS.

Something I'm grateful for: Coconut oil. I have been using it as both my make up remover and my moisturizer for months now and I am just loving how it makes my skin feel clean and moisturized while having zero bad things in it!

Something I'm excited for: The more I work on projects for school the more excited I am to continue building my portfolio and start working in the industry. It's still a year away but it's something I'm definitely looking forward to.

347) Have you ever been to a gym? I am thrilled to report that yes, I have indeed been to a gym. Every year or so I make an effort to put on some work out clothes, hit up the elliptical, and sit around on machines that I don't really know how to operate and wait around until an appropriate amount of time has passed and I can leave again. 


Breakfast acai bowls and coffee
Feet in the garden
Walking under the forest canopy

A few hours late but still up on a Friday!

Best part of the week: I had a really good week overall! I don’t think I really had a best part, there were just a lot of great moments sprinkled throughout the week.

Worst part of the week: I was painfully bored in one of my classes this week and it made it suuuuuper hard to focus for the entire three hours of the class. I also had a super long commute home one day this week - 1.5 HOURS. Brutal I tell ya.

Something I’m grateful for: Reconnecting with my people. I’ve been spending a lot of time with friends and family and it’s making this transitional time feel a little bit easier.

Something I’m excited for: I’m going to a gig tonight and watching my dad and his band perform. There are going to be so many people there that I love so I’m stoked to spend a rainy night in a cozy place listening to awesome music with a bunch of my favourite people.

126) How often do you buy new clothes? Well I’m trying to be more of a minimalist so I haven't bought clothes in a pretty long time. I’m also really trying hard to be more of a conscious consumer - so when I do buy clothes I’m trying to do it responsibly. For me, this means no fast fashion or disposable clothing or pieces made in overcrowded factories with crap working conditions. It’s meant doing research before making purchases and ultimately giving up “retail therapy.” For the most part I’m doing pretty well. But I will say, wanting new things has not gone away. I’m lusting after all sorts of pieces but because they’re made with quality materials and often in much better working conditions, they’re expensive. So for now I’ll stick to my occasional thrifting.

What about you? How often do you buy clothing? Do you know of any brands ethically/responsibly making clothes? Let me know in the comments!

Bare Skin Bar Bath Bombs


In case you haven't noticed, I am starting to develop a sweet spot for natural body and beauty products. From my Imbue Goods rose water mists to my Wild Hill body scrub and body oil to my herbal bath soak, I am thoroughly enjoying pampering my body without feeling guilty about what chemicals and bad yuckies are being slathered all over me. Recently, I've added a new product to my arsenal of pampering products - enter Bare Skin Bar Bath Bombs.

I came across the beautifully branded company while scrolling through the good ol' Insta and immediately knew I needed to try out the first product in their line - natural, thoughtfully made bath bombs. The bath bombs are made in small batches here in Vancouver, by a passionate creative who left her 9-5 to pursue a career making simple, almost all-natural beauty products designed for the conscientious who are looking to add a little bit of luxury to their lives.


The bath bombs are simply delightful. They're created for the people who are seeking an alternative to the extravagant, bubbling, sparkling, explosive Lush bath bombs but don't necessarily need all the ingredients to be unscented, 100% organic, vegan, fair trade, and locally sourced. That being said, just about all of the ingredients are natural and healing and sourced from within Canada!

While all four bath bombs in the collection have a similar base, each one has a few unique ingredients to create a  different experience depending on what you're looking for and what your body needs. 


The pink bath bomb features a combination of rose clay and coco butter to create a calming bomb that helps you relax and unwind, perfect for right before bed. The blue bomb has sea salt and coconut oil added to it to create a detoxifying soak, (excellent for Sunday afternoon baths). The green bath bomb has spirulina powder and hemp seed oil in it, transforming your bath water a fun shade of green while providing your body with all sorts of restorative goodness. Lastly, the white bath bomb has oatmeal and Shea butter in it that work together to leave your skin feeling super soft and help soothe eczema and other skin issues. 


The collection of bath bombs made their debut at Fall For Local, a pop up market in North Vancouver last weekend. Although that was the only place you could purchase them, keep your eyes over on their Instagram account to find out when they'll be launching their online shop and where you'll be able to find them around the city.


Over on the Bare Skin Bar Instagram page you'll also find more information on the company, gorgeous product shots, and even a few behind the scenes action shots and video.