**A few photos of my friend's new puppy, Rosa**

Best part of the week: Well I had a bunch of tests and exams this week but I totally slayed the one I thought was going to be the hardest.

Worst part of the week: A lot of tests meant a lot of studying and a lot of late nights and a lot of early mornings which made for a very tired Emily.

Something I’m grateful for: My university education - I think that my undergrad is making this program a bit easier and gave me some really great tools that are helping me study, apply knowledge, and make connections that I would otherwise be able to make.

Something I’m excited for: I’ll be spending all day working on a project that’s due at midnight tonight (that I haven’t really even started) but once that’s done my weekend will be free! After the week of studying I am so ready for a relaxing weekend spent lounging, creating, and maaaaaybe doing some homework.

692) What nicknames do you have/have had? Well I’ve obviously been called Em since forever but in elementary school I also went by “Mem" because that’s what a little boy called me and it stuck. In the last couple of years Emilina has been my go to nickname which I have modestly added “The Great” to which makes me “Emilina the Great”. And to my mom I’m also “Boon” but I don’t remember why…

May your weekend be full of fun, lounging, naps, coffee, snacks, and anything else that makes you happy!