May Playlist


Until last week I had been listening to the same music I'd been listening to for weeks if not months. Then I discovered HAIM and heard the new Selena Gomez song and have become obsessed with both. While I wish I didn't love Selena's song quite so much I feel like I'm redeemed by the fact that I've been listening to a lot more HAIM than I have been Selena.

HAIM - Days Are Gone: "The Wire" and "Honey & I" are my two favourite songs on this album. They're fun, great sing along songs, and have a great relaxed vibe to them. I've been loving these two songs while I drive to and from school with my windows down and the volume turned waaay up.

Selena Gomez - Bad Liar: Speaking of turning the volume up... But it's really just because she sings quietly. Just kidding. It's because I love the song. It's repetitive and super poppy but I just can't help but love it.

Christine And The Queens - Chaleur Humaine: There are three songs on this album that are just magnifique! Two of them are the same but one version is in English and the other version is in French. The English version is called "Tilted" and the French version is called "Christine." Both are fantastic. The third song is iT. Fun beat, cool sounds, great to drive to.

HAIM - Want You Back: This is their most recent single. I don't really have a lot to say about it other than that it was the song that got me hooked on HAIM.

So that's what I've been listening to lately. What have YOU been listening to? I'd love to find some new tunes so leave a comment down below with your favourite summer music and I'll be sure to check it out! Also, here's a link to my Spotify profile so you can follow along with whatever else I find and obsess over!