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DIY bell jar lamp, cup of coffee, and MacBook Pro with a Rifle Paper Co Calendar creating the perfect study spot

I know I know I know, where was this last week and where was this week's normal post?! But guys, it's hard to school, live, and blog! But I'm trying. I think I have a tentative schedule figured out so we'll see how the next month goes then reevaluate if necessary. 

Best part of the week: on Sunday afternoon my dad and I installed a new radio in my car! I've wanted one since I got the car back in 2011 but I never wanted to spend the money. Now that I have an hour long commute to and from school, however, I decided it was time. And let me tell you, it was money well spent. Not only do I yet to say that I did it myself (well sorta), I can listen to any music I want and  I can make and answer calls hands free!

Worst part of the week: school got busy! I know school work is kind of just a given but I mean, come on, multiple assignments in classes, presentations, group project... I'm not complaining though, I'm super excited about the stuff I'm learning and what it's going to help me do in the future but I must admit, having deadlines and stress and no time for a midday nap is definitely a bummer. 

Something I'm grateful for: my helpful dad who spent a chunk of his Sunday helping me replace the radio in my car. 

Something I'm excited for: I'm going into the city for the weekend so I'm super excited for that! I'm staying with a friend and we're going to (window) shop, eat all the tasty food, watch movies, and just hang out together! 

Thats all from me today folks! I hope you have a wonderful warm weekend and I promise  to see you next week! 


DIY Old Faithful Inspired IKEA Hack Lamp

DIY Old Faithful inspired Ikea lamp hack

A couple of years ago I was wandering through the streets of Gastown in Vancouver and came across a shop called Old Faithful. It was full of beautiful things like plants, homeware, magazines, candles, chocolate, tea, and lots more. One of my favourite things was this amazing bell jar lamp. It was way out of my budget so I decided to try to recreate it. And I kind of did. But I was never really all that thrilled with it. Sure it looked fine but it wasn't really what I wanted. So a couple of weeks ago I decided I would give it another go. To say I'm happy with how it turned out is a major understatement. I'm absolutely thrilled! And it doesn't hurt that I saved myself over $100! Keep reading to find out how to make your own Old Faithful inspired lamp using the Ikea HÄRLIGA glass dome with wood base and a few other materials you can pick up at your local hardware store.

Materials required for the DIY IKEA Dome Lamp Hack - light cord-socket-socket cover-drill-drill bits-screwdriver-Harliga dome


  • HÄRLIGA glass dome with wood base
  • Light cord 
  • Socket
  • Socket cover
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Drill Bits
  • Vinyl pads (not pictured)
  • Hot glue gun (not pictured)
  • Edison style light bulb (not pictured)
side by side image of drilled hole in middle of wood base gradually getting larger

Step 1: Find the centre of the wood base and drill a hole just large enough to fit your cord

There are a few ways you can do this: eyeball it. Take a wild guess and just mark where you think the middle is. It’s less precise but it’s your lamp so you do you! Another way to do it is to find the middle using some basic geometry. I used this video tutorial for finding the exact middle and made all my marks on the bottom of the wood so you wouldn’t see the lines on the top.

Once you’ve found the middle, drill your hole. Start with a small drill bit and gradually work your way up to the larger ones. This will ensure that your wood doesn’t split and lets you test to see if your wires fit as you go.

Step 2-feed lamp wires through drilled hole to check size

Step 2: Feed the wires through the drilled hole

Once you have your hole drilled, feed the wires through it. You want to have enough room to allow the wires to move somewhat freely but not so much space that the socket cover slides through.

Step 3: Connect the cords to the socket and assemble the socket cover

I feel like this goes without saying but, make sure your lamp cord is NOT plugged in. Slide the bottom half of the socket cover over the wires. Connect the wires of your cord to the corresponding ends of your socket. How you do this will vary from socket to socket but basically you’ll want to connect the negative to the negative and the positive to the positive. Make sure there’s good contact between the wires and the base and you should be good to go. Once the socket is connected to the cord and fit comfortably into the bottom of the socket cover, slide the top half of the socket cover overtop, snap it together and secure it with the screw it came with (if it came with one, not all will).

Step 4: Secure the base of the socket cover to the wood base with a bit of hot glue

This step is technically optional but I think it’s pretty essential. Add a little bit of hot glue to the base of the socket cover to secure it and make it a bit sturdier. This will help reduce stress on the cord and wires and make sure that the light bulb is less likely to fall over and break.

Step 5: Attach vinyl pads to the bottom of the wood base

To make the base of the lamp taller and to prevent it from resting on the lamp cord, attach vinyl pads to the bottom of the wood base. I bought an assorted pack and used the flat ones first then added the slightly rounded ones on top to give it extra height.

Step 6: Screw in bulb

Obviously you can use whatever kind of bulb you like but for the full effect I recommend an Edison style bulb to create a more industrial, rustic, vintage look.

Step 7: Plug in the lamp

Once you’ve got it all assembled, the glue has dried, and the bulb is screwed in, it’s time to take in the full effect of your lamp! Set it in a cozy corner, surround it with flowers or candles, and appreciate your handy electrical work!

In the end this lamp cost me about $50 - a fraction of the price of the original one I saw.  And getting to say that I made it myself kind of makes it way better! If you make one for yourself, be sure to tag me on Instagram or Facebook so I can see and share it!


Long time no see! Apologies for the absence these last two weeks. I've been busy with the move and trying to set up a place to work on blog posts is proving more difficult than I'd hoped...

Best part of the week: This past week (well two, really) have been pretty great. It’s been an adjustment living at home for sure and there are times when I feel very ready to hit the road and head back to Victoria, but for the most part there have been far more good times than bad. I’ve loved getting to see a bunch of my people without feeling rushed, I’ve loved spending time with the family, I had some great sister time with Zoe before she headed off to Europe, I’ve had some really great alone time, I’ve played and walked with the dog, and I’ve just enjoyed having these past two weeks to get settled before school starts on Monday.

Worst part of the week: On Wednesday afternoon I got hit with some nasty food poisoning. I have absolutely no idea what I ate that made me sick but for a brief amount of time I was not a happy camper.

Something I’m grateful for: Being close to family. I’m grateful that all of my immediate family lives close by and we can see each other pretty much whenever we want to. I know lots of people who have family spread out all over the country and all over the world, and while I too have family farther away than I’d like sometimes, for the most part lots of my family is right here.

Something I’m excited for: School! Classes start on Monday and I’m both very excited and slightly nervous. It’ll be a change being back in school with assignments and tests but I’m stoked to get to start working towards a creative career and getting closer to where I’d like to be.

423) Do you have a piggy bank? Sure do. It’s pink with coloured polka dots on it and I painted it when I got my first job at a coffee shop to hold all my tip money.

Happy weekending everybody! I’m trying to figure out where I’ll be able to take photos for the blog because the light in my house isn’t all that great, so bear with me while I sort that out. But also keep your eyes peeled for a DIY coming to the blog sometime next week!