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Another quiet week on the blog...

Best part of the week: The weather we've been having here on the west coast has been freaking stellar. Like we're talkin' warm enough for shorts and NO JACKETS! The classrooms at school, however, are freezing so I tend to layer but as soon as I get outside I try to create as much surface area as possible for my body to absorb all that glorious vitamin D.

Worst part of the week: I had a pretty great week overall! The only bad part has been school work... But even that hasn't been too bad!

Something I'm grateful for: is it cheating if I use the same answer as the best part of my week? Because seriously, this sun and warmth is so fabulous and I want to make sure to thank the weather gods so they know how grateful I am so that they keep the good stuff coming!

Something I'm excited for: A quiet night tonight. I have been so busy both socially and with school and as great as all of it has been, I'm really ready for a night at home with Chelsea and my notes, studying for the midterms I have coming up next week.

536) Do you ever laugh at things you shouldn't? Yup. And it's usually when I laugh the hardest, too. When people get hurt? I laugh (usually after making sure they're ok, but sometimes it can burst out a bit prematurely...). When I'm supposed to be listening to presentations politely? I laugh. When the teacher is talking and I find a funny video while I'm supposed to be paying attention? I laugh.

Happy weekending everybody! Get out there and enjoy the sunshine!!!