Best part of the week: I stepped out of my comfort zone twice this week and while they didn’t feel like the best parts at the time, being brave and doing things that I thought were scary made me proud of myself.

Worst part of the week: I didn’t really have anything all that bad happen this week.. But on Saturday of last weekend I got suuuuper lost going someplace that I’ve been to about a gazillion times. It was pouring rain and I missed my exit so I had to take the next one and I had my GPS yelling at me (well repeated saying “recalculating.. in 100 meters make a U turn.” *misses opportunity* “recalculating… continue for 2.3 kilometres then make a U turn.”) I ended up getting to where I was supposed to be at the exact minute I was supposed to be there so it all turned out fine but it was definitely a frustrating 30 minutes.

Something I’m grateful for: Fall spices. Every morning I have been putting cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice, and cloves in my coffee and it has been sooooo amazing. It just adds a festive taste and makes me feel like I’m getting an extra special treat in the mornings.

Something I’m excited for: My sister is coming to the island next weekend for Halloween and I can’t wait! We always have so much fun together going on adventures and trying new coffee places and just hanging out being weird.

797) Do you think laughing at someone else's misfortune is wrong? At the risk of sounding like a terrible person, I think it depends on the degree of the misfortune and the way they handle themselves after. If they’ve stubbed their toe and proceeded to swear loudly for an extended period of time (which, by the way, is the appropriate way to handle stubbing your toe) then it’s fine to laugh. If they’ve been in a car accident and been injured or have to pay an obscene amount in damages then no, do no laugh. 

Happy weekending peeps!