HOLY SMOKES YOU GUYS! It's June and Friday AND National Doughnut (donut?) Day!!!!! Could today BE even better?!

Best part of the week: Wednesday rocked. It started off a little shaky tho… So. I wake up. Late. Watch the bus drive by. So I start walking. Another bus comes so I freaking sprint to the nearest stop. In my head I’m thinking “wow, this day SUCKS.” But then I sit down, gather myself, and realize I’m sitting next to a baby! Now I know that some people would be repulsed by this and might even switch seats, but I was thrilled! For the entire (5 minute) bus ride we played peek-a-boo, clapped, talked (as in dadadadadada over and over) and then waved bye bye. My day had already turned around.  BUT IT DIDN’T END THERE! Because I caught a bus I was now ahead of schedule. Since I woke up late I was rushed getting ready and didn’t get to have my coffee.  Starbucks to the rescue!  Then I walk into the office to find something sitting on my keyboard. It was a gift card from my bosses to my favourite coffee shop (that happens to be right next to the office - dangerous, I know) for doing well at work!! The rest of the day was smooth and I got to go for dinner with my nana and her friend who were in town visiting!WEDNESDAY WAS THE BEST!

Worst part of the week: I’m missing home a bit so I’m looking forward to going home next weekend for my sister’s grad!

Something I’m grateful for: As the one year anniversary of my trip of a lifetime comes closer, and I start being grumpy about not having any other fun things planned, I’ve been thinking about just how incredible it was and how lucky I was to get to go at all.  I know I’ve used this as an answer before but that trip will be something I’m grateful for for the rest of my life.

Something I’m excited for: Going home next weekend and seeing my mumma and my dad and my sister and my dog and all the other people I miss and haven’t seen in way too long.

568) Are you the kind of friend you'd want to have as a friend yourself?: what a question!! Immediate response: I’d like to think I am…?
Five minutes of pondering later: yeah, I think I’m a pretty good friend and would probably be my friend.  
Five more minutes of thinking: As long as they were the one that said “hello” first… This question is hurting my head. Because if I met myself a) that would be weird b) if we didn’t look a like but were exact personality replicas neither of us would talk to the other first so we probably wouldn’t even have the chance to be friends because we’d just smile at each other but never speak because we’re shy.

Well, I hope you’re all enjoying disgusting amounts of doughnuts today and that the weekend is exactly what you need it to be! See you Monday!