DIY Triangle Shelf

Part of me feels silly for even sharing this because it was so stinkin' easy that I feel like people will just be like "duh". But if I hadn't seen one on Etsy earlier last week I wouldn't have thought of it at all. So if this does nothing but provide an offspring for an idea, then my work here is done!

All you need for this project is a package of mini wood panels (I got a pack of 6 at Michaels for 5 bucks) and a hot glue gun.  If you'd like to put a little shelf inside the triangles I'd also recommend a saw rather than a knife.....

To assemble it, glue the top and bottom edges of five of the pieces and hold them together while they're drying.  If you let the glue cool slightly before sticking them together it makes it a bit more tacky and slides around less while it's drying.

I hung mine with two little nails and used the level app on my phone to make sure it wasn't tilted.

Right now I'm using it for tea on both sides but I'd really like to get an air plant and hang it from the top of the triangle on the left.

Happy crafting!