Best part of the week: My mornings have started becoming the best parts of my week! I was starting to feel like work was consuming my every waking moment so I decided to try slowing down my mornings so I could breathe before I really get into my day. For the last 3 days I’ve been waking up whenever my body feels ready, brushing my teeth and washing my face before doing any thing else, making coffee, and journaling (not that I wasn’t brushing my teeth and washing my face before, I was just doing it later in my routine). I also haven’t been checking my phone until after I’ve done all those things. It’s been a really nice way to ease into the days and starting my day later allows me to work later into the night without feeling so burnt out.

Worst part of the week: The long weekend made me feel like I lost a work day (even though I worked a bit on the Monday) so I felt a bit stressed about making sure that everything got done on time.

Something I’m grateful for: Good friends who listen when I need to talk and who I can be there for when they need to talk.

Something I’m excited for: I’m going to Victoria for a day next weekend and I am so freaking stoked that I can hardly breathe when I think about it! I was supposed to go back in May but the plans fell through.. I haven’t been back since I moved home LAST MARCH.  

192) What was the last song you danced to? Last night I was driving home from a friend’s house and I had a major dance party to “I’ll Be There” by Jess Glynne. It’s my current jam and I listen to it so loud that the bass in the song makes my rear view mirror vibrate to the point where it’s pretty much more of a hazard than a helper. 

What was the last song you danced to? Do you have a summer song you’re rocking out to? Let me know in the comments!