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Cashmere + Plaid Blog | TGIF July 20 | Homemade chocolate chip cookies on a Tuesday night

Best part of the week: This week was a little slower than the last few weeks so it was nice to spend some time being creative in different, off-screen, ways. I embroidered, started a crochet project, and sewed myself a summer robe/housecoat thing. I’ve got clients doing “homework” this week so next week all will be back to the regular grind. 

Worst part of the week: The lack of properly mind-consuming work meant I could spend more time thinking about things and life and the overwhelmingness of it all and that got me feeling a bit sad this week. There are so many changes happening in my life right now and not all of them are easy or fun. 

Something I’m grateful for: This summer weather we’ve *finally* been having! 

Something I’m excited for: We have family coming from Scotland next week and I am SO excited for them to get here! We’ve got a bunch of fun things planned and I can hardly freaking wait!!

125) Have you ever tie-dyed your own clothes? What a perfectly summery question! Yes, I have tie-dyed a few pieces of clothing in my day. The summer before grade 12 was a very psychedelic summer in terms of the amount of tie dye I had in my life. But no matter how many shirts I made that summer I still always managed to get a large amount of poo brown colour in places where the colours would all mix together… Aside from tshirts I've also tie dyed a pillow case and a couple pairs of shoes. Have you tie-dyed? Were you one of those people who always got the patterns to work perfectly or were you more ...abstract... like me? 


That’s all from me folks! I’ve got a low key weekend planned so that I can rest up for next weekend when I head to the island with the family to show them the beauty of the West Coast and the following weekend when I head off on a camping adventure on one of the Gulf Islands! I hope your weekend is full of sunshine, lemonade, ice-cream cones, and all sorts of other summer goodies!