neutral knitted baby blanket and coton de tulear
Finn cuddles in vintage pink sweatshirt
Emily Johnson Design Co introduction photo by Nathalie Taylor
pastel coloured knitted baby blanket

Happy second day of SUMMER!

Best part of the week: Tuesday was a super productive day for me. I worked all day but split my time between home and a local coffee shop just to break up the day. I felt like a real self employed girl boss and it was awesome!

Worst part of the week: I'm learning that the days when billable hours are low are days that freak me out a little. I've got lots to do and am never bored but the days when I work more on internal things or backend things definitely stress me out a little.

Something I'm grateful for: Emily Johnson Design Co. officially launched and I've been talking to people all week about ways we can work together and I'm just so so grateful to all of those people who are willing - and even excited - to work with me in these early days.

Something I'm excited for: Sunday is my birthday and while I'm starting to get a bit weary about aging I'm still looking forward to eating cupcakes and hanging out with the people I love.

313) Whats the ultimate cake topping? That 6 inch thick stuff they glob onto cakes and cupcakes at the grocery store. Nothing fancy, just super sugary, ZERO nutritional value, probably laden with chemicals and the yummiest most delicious thing that could sit atop a cake.

Happy weekending friends! I hope you all enjoy these first few days of summer and eat cake and cupcakes all day on Sunday, just like I will ;)