* photos from a hike I did a couple weeks ago in Deep Cove *

Best part of the week: Last weekend I had a very introvert-y weekend. I spent some time with some friends and family but for the most part I spent time on my own doing things that just make me feel good. With all the crazy busy-ness in my life lately my metaphorical batteries were feeling pretty low but after last weekend I am feeling recharged and ready to go again.

Worst part of the week: School has been feeling really painful lately. Between tons of repetition of things we learned last term and having one class where I have absolutely no freaking clue what’s going on I’ve been dreading most school days. 

Something I’m grateful for: Clean air. It’s something I’ve always just taken for granted but with all the smoke and haze we’ve had here over the past few days I’ve developed a new appreciation for clean, fresh air.

Something I’m excited for: As I mentioned in Monday’s post I’m heading to one of the Gulf Islands this weekend to celebrate the long weekend and camp and frolic on the beach and eat and just have all around great times!

464) Do you correct peoples mistakes? It depends on who they are, how wrong they are, how tolerant I’m feeling, and how much I know about whatever the mistake was about.

Happy weekending friends!