Galiano 2017

Growing up on the west coast I've always spent parts of my summers on Vancouver Island - either living there, visiting grandparents, or camping with the family. This year, however, I've spent more time on the Gulf Islands than I have on Vancouver Island and been able to experience the magic that can only be felt on a small island with a tiny population. Two weekends ago I went to Galiano for the first time and camped with a group of friends, some of whom have been making the annual Gali trip over for over 20 years!

Because of the wildfires burning throughout the province the air quality and visibility wasn't great but it sure didn't impact the fun we had. I didn't take my camera out until the last night we were there so much of the fun wasn't documented by me. But boy was there a lot of fun to be had. Playing campfire games around a fireless fire pit (thanks fire ban...), lounging by the water, paddling out on paddleboards and floaties, and making huge meals to feed the 20-40 people coming and going throughout the week and weekend were just some of the ways we passed the time. 

On the last morning we were up bright and early (helloooo 6:45 am) to load up the truck, clean up the campsite and send off the first couple of groups of people to the ferries. We were done by around 11:30 and the remaining nine of us spent the rest of the day hanging out on a field near the beach playing Spike Ball, frisbee, soccer, and reliving some of the highlights of the trip. In the late afternoon we packed up the last few things, stuffed ourselves into the truck, and started the trek back home.