Penticton - Part 2

Part two of this two part series features a bunch of photos taken on the trip home. Here is the link to the first part of the post in case you missed it last week.

Our first stop on the way home was Blue Mountain Vineyard and Cellars, a winery that mom had on the top of her list. Getting to it was quite the adventure as it's fairly well off the beaten path. But once we got there we were blown away by the size of the grounds and the views from the main building. While mom tasted a couple of the wines I explored for a bit and baked in the late morning heat.

Our next stop was an old antique store in Okanagan Falls. It was packed full of all sorts of vintage treasures and we spent a good chunk of time just wandering around the small store, oohing and ahhing at some gorgeous antique baby clothes, oggling over vintage jewelry, and cringing at some creepy old toys.

After that we hit the road again and drove by this crazy antique-y, junkish looking store. I'm not really too sure what the deal was with this place because there were no prices on anything and there didn't seem to be anybody around if you wanted to buy anything. We were the only two people there and after we'd poked around for a few minutes we loaded ourselves back into the car and headed off towards Keremeos.

Every time we go up to the Okanagan we stop at Sanderson Farms - the best place to get fresh fruit and veggies, ice cream, and all the salt water taffy you could ever want. If you haven't had Okanagan fruit in the summer I truly feel sorry for you. The cherries, peaches, nectarines, and blueberries are the best you'll ever eat. 

My summer adventures aren't done yet! Next weekend I'm heading off to another Gulf Island so expect a photo dump sometime in the next couple of weeks. I hope your summer is treating you well and that you've soaked up some sun and indulged in some tasty summer fruit.

PS can you believe tomorrow is AUGUST?! Where the heck is the summer going?!