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puppy love and snuggles
Sleepy puppy snuggling on the bed
DIY bell jar lamp, cup of coffee, and MacBook Pro with a Rifle Paper Co Calendar creating the perfect study spot

I know I know I know, where was this last week and where was this week's normal post?! But guys, it's hard to school, live, and blog! But I'm trying. I think I have a tentative schedule figured out so we'll see how the next month goes then reevaluate if necessary. 

Best part of the week: on Sunday afternoon my dad and I installed a new radio in my car! I've wanted one since I got the car back in 2011 but I never wanted to spend the money. Now that I have an hour long commute to and from school, however, I decided it was time. And let me tell you, it was money well spent. Not only do I yet to say that I did it myself (well sorta), I can listen to any music I want and  I can make and answer calls hands free!

Worst part of the week: school got busy! I know school work is kind of just a given but I mean, come on, multiple assignments in classes, presentations, group project... I'm not complaining though, I'm super excited about the stuff I'm learning and what it's going to help me do in the future but I must admit, having deadlines and stress and no time for a midday nap is definitely a bummer. 

Something I'm grateful for: my helpful dad who spent a chunk of his Sunday helping me replace the radio in my car. 

Something I'm excited for: I'm going into the city for the weekend so I'm super excited for that! I'm staying with a friend and we're going to (window) shop, eat all the tasty food, watch movies, and just hang out together! 

Thats all from me today folks! I hope you have a wonderful warm weekend and I promise  to see you next week! 


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