Penticton - Part 1

Three weeks ago I went on a little road trip to Penticton with my mom. It had been five years since the last time I was in the Okanagan and man, had I ever missed it. Growing up we used to go up every summer to visit my grandparents who had a trailer in Osoyoos. Even after they sold it we would still go up with family friends for at least a week to spend time in the desert heat, lounging on the lake, and hanging out with friends. This time, though, it was just me and mom loving the heat, lounging lake-side, and eating (and drinking) all sorts of tasty things.

It was probably the most luxurious experience I've had in the Okanagan by far. Rather than staying in a trailer or in a cottage as I'd always done before, we spent two nights at E'laysa Guesthouse and Vineyard Retreat.

Every morning we were served a beautiful breakfast. The first day was eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and fruit salad. The second day was a cheese omelette made with fresh eggs and on the third morning we had the waffles you see above. Every single meal was delish and I ate every single thing.

These were the chickens responsible for providing the fresh eggs every morning. They were so funny and would run up and cluck at the fence when I got close but would get bored quickly and run back to the shade and hang out where their food was. That being said, there was one who was pretty persistent at trying to get my attention..

At the top of the hill in the backyard there was this amazing sitting area that looked out over the Okanagan Lake and the vineyards and the mountains. It was a beautiful spot to sit and watch the sunset and drink a glass of wine (or in my case water) and chit chat with my mom.

On the second day we went for a walk during which I complained for 87% of the time. But I ended up getting some beautiful photos from the walk as well as some much needed physical activity so even though it was way too hot to be walking I guess it really wasn't thaaaat bad. 

I have so many more photos but rather than overwhelm you with one big dump of Okanagan photos I thought I'd break it up into two parts. So stay tuned for the next post coming in the next couple days!