Happy Friday! I had three people tell me they missed last weeks TGIF - which only happened because it had been a crazy busy week!  But fear not my friends, TGIF is here to stay!

Best part of the week: Monday as a holiday this week and I took fuuuuuull advantage of it. I slept on and off til 12 IN THE AFTERNOON and spent the rest of the day lazing around the apartment. The only bad part of the day was when I went to make a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner only to discover that I only had one piece of bread and a tiny moldy block of cheese. To the grocery store I went...

Worst part of the week:  yesterday I was so tired. Like we're talking eyes being held open by tape tired (well not actually but it probably would have been helpful...) So that was a bummer. But other than that, no real complaints!

 Something I'm grateful for:  coffee. Coffee makes me SO HAPPY. That being said, I have realized that I've come to depend on the elixir of life that is coffee. Without it in the morning I'm a real treat to be around and I get headaches. So I am grateful (and slightly disgusted) that coffee exists to keep me happy and headacheless!

Something I'm excited for:  I got the email yesterday telling me that all of my credits are in and my grades are good and that I will officially be receiving my diploma in June. I wasn't really worried about it but I'm hecka excited to get that little piece of expensive paper! 

288) What was the last Album you purchased? I bought U2's Joshua Tree a couple months back for my record player!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and I will see you on Monday!