A Birthday Celebration in Port Alberni

Over the weekend I went on my last adventure of the summer. Jordy and I went on a mini roadtrip over to Vancouver Island to celebrate his roommate's birthday and visit some of his family. We spent one night at his grandma's house and another night camping on his roommate's family property out in Port Alberni. There was river floating, badminton playing, berry picking, and nunchuck swinging going on all weekend and it felt like the perfect way to say goodbye to summer.


All sorts of fun things had been set up to keep people entertained throughout the weekend but badminton was by far the fan favourite. Although the trampoline was pretty awesome too.


In the morning we got up and ventured over to the garden at the front of the property to pick fresh strawberries and blackberries and admire the corn, potatoes, peppers and other veggies being carefully tended to.


This moment (above) was one of my favourite moments of the whole summer. I was standing in the cool shade under the trees watching new friends happily pick berries and chatter back and forth, laughing and just enjoying each other's company. Everyone was happy and the moment just felt so great and made me feel so content.


The love that Blue and Zack shared was almost too much to handle. Get a room guys.


Other than a concert at the beginning of September my summer fun has pretty much come to an end. And I'm really ok with it. I've had so much fun and experienced so many things but I've been busier than I think I've ever been and some slower weekends are definitely ok with me.