Worst part of the week: Wednesday was a rough day overall. Traffic was bad, parking at school was worse, there was a bit of drama with a teacher (all has been resolved) and a few other small things happened that all added up to make for a very grumpy day. BUT…

Best part of the week: Zoe heard about my bad day and when I got home she had flowers and Nibs waiting for me! What a fabulous little sister she is!

Something I’m grateful for: THE RAIN! It is currently raining very hard outside and I couldn’t be happier! We need it so badly here and it’s not supposed to last but I am going to say a little thank you to the rain gods for each and every drop.

Something I’m excited for: Tonight is make-your-own-pizza-night at the boyfriends and one of my besties and her boyfriend are coming and I am so pumped!

5) Whats your favourite colour? Red. It’s bold, it’s intense, it’s strong, and I love it.

Sorry for the quiet times over here, school has been ridiculously busy and creating blog posts has been low on the priority list. Happy weekending everyone!