TGIF (on a Saturday)

Best Part of the Week:   This week was stupidly busy but so fun - especially the tail end of it!  Thursday night I was downtown for a function (and got to have my hair done by a professional hair-doer!) and Friday was my best friend's sister's grad and dry grad! Both things were so much fun and I felt so lucky to get to be a part of them!  

Worst Part of the Week: I had an uncomfortable conversation about things I didn’t want to talk about…

Something I’m Grateful For: Inclusion.  I’ve been so fortunate to be included in so many fun things that have been going on lately.

Something I’m Looking Forward To: This is my last full week at home before I head off for a month and a bit so I’m just looking forward to spending time with the people that I won’t get to see for a while.

352) Have you ever cried at a film? YES. The movie I cried the hardest at was The Other Woman, with Natalie Portman.  I sobbed.  I had to excuse myself from the room and lock myself in the bathroom while I tried to pull myself together.  I’ve seen it a couple of times since then and I still cry every single time.