Scotland So Far

First off, a blog post is long overdue!  Second, how has nearly an entire week gone by already?!  I am having the most amazing time here in Scotland!  I have seen and done so much and have been feeling so incredibly fortunate over these past six days.  I've got hundred of photos already but I'm really trying to live the moments rather than snap them... We'll see how that goes..

Day 1:

I left Vancouver and arrived in Glasgow.  I got to walk around the city, went for lunch, and just did some general exploring.  Then we went home and I had a two hour nap for six hours (oops)... When I woke up I ate dinner then went back to bed.


Day 2:

A busy day consisting of climbing the Wallace Monument (all 254 steps...), walking around the city of Stirling, exploring Stirling Castle, and sitting in a coffee shop and people watching.  Later that night we went to the Keplies (an amazing installation of two GIANT steel horse heads that light up at night) to watch a sunset that we couldn’t really see because of the clouds. This was followed by going home to defrost and go bed.

Day 3:

Talk about a Harry Potter dream day!  I got to see some of the Highlands, including Glencoe (huge rolling hills with tons of history surrounding them and a Harry Potter filming site for the fourth movie!), rode the Jacobite Steam Train (basically the Hogwarts Express) over the Glenfinnian Viaduct (Harry Potter bridge) and passed the little island that some of you may recognize as Dumbledore's final resting place.  The train stopped in a rainy little fishing town called Mallaig where I spent just over an hour walking tooling around.  Then I took the train back to Fort William, grabbed a bite to eat and drove back through the highlands towards home.  I was exhausted and passed out in the car...

Day 4:

On Saturday we drove to St. Andrews (the school that Prince William and Kate Middleton went to).  We wandered around the town and found some of the most beautiful scones I'd ever seen, did the castle and the cemetery, strolled along the beach (my first time touching the Atlantic Ocean!), went to the golf course, had drinks at the Old Course Hotel, went for dinner, and finished the day by driving through some of the quaint fishing towns in the area.

Day 5:

Sunday was Edinburgh!  I had to be up at 630 to catch a bus into the city then spent the entire day on my own walking around.  I did the castle, took a bus tour, and wandered about. When my feet couldn't take any more pavement pounding I sat in a Starbucks to mooch some wifi, did some FaceTiming and some crosswords.  Later, we went out for dinner and  finished the night with a ghost tour that was really just more of a history walk underground -not very scary but still very cool!

Day 6:

No pictures from today because I have spent all day in bed editing photos, writing out my travels, and watching Orange is the New Black!

Until next time!