Best part of the Week: I’ve been feeling really nostalgic lately.  Paige’s sister, Sabrina, is graduating and all of the excitement that comes along with that has got me all reminiscent of when I graduated (4 years ago… what?!).  I also found an old CD that I loved in high school so that’s been making me feel all the feels too..  So I guess this isn’t really a best part of the week, just the most prominent…  

Worst Part of the Week: I attended a function that was about a topic I didn’t agree with.  It was a long night…

Something I’m Grateful For:  Perspective.  I love being surrounded by people who I can talk to and learn from and make me see things in new ways and from different angles.

Something I’m Looking Forward To:  Well I guess now’s as good a time as any to let you know that I’m heading to Europe in a couple of weeks!  For a month and ten days I will be travelling around the UK seeing sights, taking pictures, and learning about where I come from.  I can hardly wait!

558) Are you a giver or a receiver?:  I think I’m a giver. I mean, I’m not going to deny a gift if it comes my way, but usually I am much more willing to give than to receive.