Crescent Beach
Crescent Beach

So excited to be going home for thanksgiving and going on walks along my favourite beach!!

Best part of the week: I think the best part of my week was the feeling of accomplishment I have right now after publishing blog posts every day this week that I was really, really, proud of.

Worst part of the week:  I spent an hour working really hard on a philosophy assignment, got it back, and only got 30%...  Good thing we get our lowest three scores dropped...

Something I'm grateful for:  I try to spend a lot of time being grateful every day.  It's an important part of keeping things in perspective and I think it makes you a happier person when you can be mindful of the things you're grateful for.  With Thanksgiving coming up this weekend, thoughts of gratitude are at the forefronts of lots of peoples minds. This year, I think the thing I am most grateful for is the access that I have to help.  Of all kinds.  Whether I'm sick and need medical help, struggling with money and need financial help, having a bad day and need emotional help, there is always someone there for me.  It might be my family or friends or it might be a professional, but this past year I have been especially lucky to be surrounded by people who want to help me when they can and for that I am so incredibly grateful.

If you could be a member of any TV family, which would you pick?: I thought long and hard over this one... I think it would be between the Gilmores and the Dunphys.  In both families you would be constantly entertained as well as very loved by all of your family members.  So, for me, it's a tie.

Let's have some reader engagement now!  In the comments below, tell me something you're grateful for and/orwhat TV family you would belong to! GO!

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