DIY Matcha + Charcoal Face Mask

A super simple DIY face mask using activated charcoal powder and matcha green tea powder

A few weeks ago I shared some of my favourite ways to give my body a little extra lovin'. I mentioned a charcoal face mask that I make since making that post I've created a new little recipe using matcha and charcoal.

I found the charcoal to be a bit drying on it's own so after doing some research I decided to add a bit of matcha to the mix. The thing I love most about this mask is that depending on what your skin needs you can adjust the proportions accordingly. The matcha is really moisturizing while the charcoal has more of a drying and purifying effect, so when my skin is feeling a little on the dry side I add more matcha l and when I feel a bit oily I add a little extra charcoal.

matcha powder and activated charcoal for making an all natural face mask

Ingredients + Supplies:

  • matcha powder
  • activated charcoal powder
  • small jar or bowl for mixing
  • foundation brush
  • face cloth (optional)

Step 1: add small scoop of each powder to the jar.
I never use exact measurements because I change it up slightly each time. But the first time I made the mask I used a 1:1 ratio. This gave me a good idea of how my skin reacted to the mask and let me figure out which powder I wanted to use more/less of next time.

Step 2: Slowly add water to the powders, mixing with your make up brush.
You want the consistency to be paste-like. Too runny and it'll drip off your face, too dry and you'll have a chunky, flaky mess happening. I slowly add a few drips from the tap, mix, add a few more, mix, and continue this way until the mixture has a toothpaste-ish consistency.

Step 3: Paint the mask onto your face using your make up brush.
The first two times I made this mask I used my hands to spread it on and it was a mess. So although you don't necessarily need the brush, I highly recommend it.

Step 4: Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes or until it's completely dry.
Read a book, watch a YouTube video, catch up on some news, do a puzzle...

Step 5: Rinse it off.
I usually get in the shower to rinse mine off because the charcoal can make a bit of a mess on your counters. Plus, rinsing it off in the shower means you don't have to dirty a face cloth!

Step 6: Moisturize
One of the best things you can do for your skin (other than drink lots of water) is moisturize it. Whether you use a fancy cream or serum or just regular old coconut oil your clean skin will thank you.