A few of my favourite...moving helpers

I think boxes with proper handles actually make your things weigh less.

Playing music (loudly) makes packing so much more bearable

Two of the most essential pieces of equipment when it comes to packing.

In case you didn't guess, I'm moving!

When I graduated last year I knew I was going to take the coming year to figure out my next move. I saw myself doing one of two things - going back to school to get a masters degree in counselling psych and becoming a play/art therapist for kids OR going back to school to pursue a career centred around creativity online. Over the past few months I really started leaning towards one option and began doing some research into what it would look like. I met with a few people, made long pro/con lists, had many a conversation with family and friends, and have ultimately decided that going to school and studying to become a web designer and developer is what I want to do.

Within the span of about 3 and a half weeks everything was pretty much sorted. I’d applied and been accepted, figured out where I was going live, got my finances in order, freaked out about the decision, and told the people who needed to be informed (roommate, landlord, bosses).

This is a big move for me. I love it here in Victoria. I’ve met some wonderful people, had some incredible experiences and opportunities, and turned this city into my home. There is so much creativity here on the island and a supportive community of makers, doers, and thinkers and leaving it feels really sad. I’ve loved being a part of the community and am so grateful to all of the people who I connected with and got to share things with. All of them were integral parts of my experience while living here and I will forever be grateful for their support, kindness, and generosity.

As hard as it is to leave, I am so freaking excited to start my next adventure. I’ll be in school full time, doing creative work, and turning my love for technology into a career - how lucky am I?! I’ll be living in the garage of my parent’s house which someone recently pointed out to me, has historically been a place where incredible things have happened: Steve Jobs started Apple in his parent’s garage, the original Patagonia started in Yvon Chouinard’s parent’s garage, Google started out in a garage, Amazon was first located in a garage… the list goes on! While I don’t have dreams to become the next Apple, Google, or Amazon, it feels good knowing that my garage dwelling won’t be a hindrance to my success.

So, to world I say this: this is not the end of the blog, just the end of a chapter of it. I’ll be focusing less on places and more on lifestyle - living a creative, simple, and sustainable one. To my Victoria peeps, again I want to say thank you - for supporting and reading the blog, collaborating with me, and just being an inspiring creative force of awesome people. I have a few more Victoria-based posts up my sleeve but if you’ve ever wanted to be part of the blog, please please please let me know, I would love to have you!


discovery coffee on a dark wood table with small hexagon floor tiles and a moleskine journal
coffee in bed with fluffy white sheets and a Ghost Mountain tumbler

Let's just take this moment to say hello to March, the month of birthdays, expectations of spring, and new beginnings!

Best part of the week: This is not a very exciting story so feel free to bypass it if little kids being adorable isn’t your cup of tea.
On Tuesday afternoon I was walking downtown on my lunch break behind a grandpa and two little boys. One was in the stroller and the other was walking and holding grandpa’s hand. The one who was walking kept trying to readjust his pants and at one point stopped to pull down one of the legs so it was covering his sock. Once it was right where it belonged, he stood up, started walking, and reached for grandpa’s hand without even looking up. That alone was adorable and made me smile but because I was a ways behind them I could still see this little kid keep trying to readjust his pants while they were still walking. He would do these little leg jiggles and use his tiny hands to try and hike up his pants but they just wouldn't stay where he wanted them. I don’t know why this was the best part of my week but I’ve thought about it every day since it happened and it makes me smile every single time.

Worst part of the week: Disclaimer - this may be considered oversharing to some, but what’s the point in doing these things every week if I’m not being honest.
Monday afternoon/evening was the.worst. Every few months I get major, unbearable, life-halting cramps that last for ages. Monday afternoon they hit hard and by the time I got home after work my entire body was shaking and I could hardly stand up straight. Once I got into bed with my hot pack, even the fetal position didn’t feel comfortable.

Something I’m grateful for: I’m 99% sure I’ve said this one before but I’m really grateful for the people in my life who get me to look at things in new ways - even if (especially when) they challenge the ways I think or behave. I may not always agree with the different outlooks, but hearing and thinking about different perspectives, opinions, and ideas helps me connect better both with other people in the world and with myself.

Something I’m excited for: Monday’s post so that I can tell you what I’m really excited for!

124) Would you rather trade some intelligence for looks or looks for intelligence? I’d rather leave everything as it is. But to answer the question… if we operationally define intelligence as “the ability to apply knowledge” then I’d say I’m a fairly intelligent person. I could probably use a little bit more knowledge but in terms of being able to apply the knowledge I already have, I think I’m good. Not that I’m overflowing with intelligence, by any means. I may know a few more useless equations than I know how to actually use but I wouldn’t really want to trade any of my intelligence to look better…
I think I overthink these questions sometimes.

Happy weekending friends! See you Monday with a fun little announcement!

What's in my bag

madewell transport tote cashmere and plaid 01

One of my favourite kind of posts to read is when people share what's in their bag. Maybe that makes me a bit nosy but I'd prefer to think of myself as curious. What people keep in their bags can give you an idea of who people are and what they like so it's really just a fun way to get to know people better. And who doesn't want to know more about the people they like?!

madewell transport tote cashmere and plaid 04

So here's a little look into my bag...

Bag - Such a luxury. I love everything about this bag - the way it flops without falling over when you put it down, the huge inside (reaching around in there makes me feel like Hermione reaching around in her "bloody beaded bag" with the undetectable extension charm on it - nerd alert), the pocket that makes grabbing your phone or wallet super easy, and the way it's going to age the more I use it.

Calendar - this has been my favourite calendar since I started college five years ago. Although, saying that, I think I use it more now than I did when I was actually in school...

Journal - I keep my journal in my bag pretty much at all times. I love being able to jot down thoughts as I have them throughout the day but I also like that it gives me something to do when I'm sitting in a coffee shop other than scroll through my phone.

Headphones - (newer version of the ones I have, here) I've had these headphones for years and I still love 'em. They come with a bunch of different rubber things so you're guaranteed to find a good fit and for inexpensive-ish headphones I'd say they work pretty well!

Hand cream - My mom gave me this little Charity Pot from Lush at around Christmas time. It smells incredible and leaves my hands super soft. Plus I feel good using it knowing that it's pretty much all natural and 100% of the price got donated to one of a few grassroots organizations doing work in a number of important areas.

Wallet - I scored this little gem at the Victoria Vintage Fair a few years back and I've used it pretty much ever since. It perfectly fits my essential cards and can hold a couple of bills whenever I happen to have them.

Perfume - A little spritz here, a little spritz there and I'm good to go.

Lip Balm - Best. Lip balm. Ever. I discovered it in the UK and thought it was just a UK thing. But when I found out you can buy it pretty much anywhere I was stoked.

Glasses - In the summer I found out I needed glasses for close up things like working on the computer and reading. Knowing that frames can be ridiculously priced I started the hunt for a cheaper pair that would still do the job. Guys. If you wear glasses go to Eye Buy Direct. These frames were 16 dollars. Even with the special lenses designed for computer screens the grand total - including shipping - was $65. SIXTY FIVE DOLLARS!!!

Sunglasses - I love these. They fit my face, they help me see when it's sunny, and help me feel like a modern day hippie *throws up a peace sign*

Gum - I drink the coffee therefore I chew the gum. I try to keep my gum chewing to a minimum because the aspartame messes with my digestive system and makes me feel all yucky. But after a mid-day Americano pick me up, minty breath is appreciated by all.

Water Bottle - I didn't even know I wanted one of these water bottles until I got one for Christmas. These bottles are seriously amazing. They keep my water cold all day long and make it easy for me to stay hydrated. Gotta drink that water peeps!

Reusable Tote - I try to keep this in my bag at all times so that when I'm out and about I can skip the plastic or paper and just toss things here. 

First Aid Kit - I stuffed a muslin bag full of tylenol, allergy meds, and lady products so that all those things are with me whenever I need them but aren't floating around at the bottom of my bag.

iPhone - what would I do without it?

madewell transport tote cashmere and plaid 05