Best part of the week: Last night was lovely. I lit a candle, got out my paints, and turned on a movie and just relaxed.

Worst part of the week: This week has been a downer. I’m feeling lonely and uncomfortable and just kind of yucky. Even though I’ve been using some of the various “tools” I’ve learned over the years, I’ve also learned that sometimes you just have be ok with knowing that these feelings won’t last forever.

Something I’m grateful for: Short weeks. With Family Day this past Monday, the four day work week felt much more do-able.

Something I’m excited for: Well there's this one thing that I'm super stoked for but I can't tell you what it is juuuust yet...

321) Do you still have any music on vinyl or casettes? Sure do! Two Christmases ago I got a record player and went through the collection of records my parents still had and took all the ones I wanted. This one and this one are my two favourites.

Happy weekending friends!