a few photos from a little walk Zoe and I went on down by Stewart Farmhouse

Best part of the week: My time on the mainland last weekend was pretty great. But the three highlights were getting to see my rockstar dad perform with his band on the night I got there,  sleeping in my parent’s cloud-top mattress while they were away on vacay (pretty sure it’s just a pillow top but lemme tell ya, it feels like a cloud), and spending some quality time with my sister on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Worst part of the week: Yesterday morning someone in the building had a medical emergency at 6am. Not one but TWO ambulances showed up - both with sirens blaring and lights flashing. Although it was a bright, loud, and early start to the day, I still had time to lay in bed quietly, easing into the day. Oh. Wait. Nope. Just to make sure I didn’t drift back to sleep or relax too deeply first thing in the morning, the garbage men came crashing down the street, picking up and throwing down bins and beeping while they reversed this way and that. Feeling defeated, I threw off the covers just after 7 and made coffee for me and roomie.
I know it could have all happened much earlier or be a daily occurrence (I hear this type of thing happens regularly when you’re a parent…?) and I am incredibly lucky to get to sleep in until 730 most mornings; but unless I have a good reason to be up before the birds (like a child who requires attention, a class to attend, a flight to catch etc), I don’t want to be awake.

Something I’m grateful for: Sleep. And not just because it’s something I’ve been lacking this week. I think so much more clearly after even just a few hours and can deal with the world so much better when I’ve had a good nights sleep. It’s so important for our brains to get that time to consolidate information and memories and get a break from input and stimulation and I, for one, am incredibly grateful for whatever sleep I get in a night (or in a nap).  

Something I’m excited for: I am so close to being done a baby blanket that I’ve been working on for weeks. You might remember seeing a glimpse of it here but expect to be seeing it in great detail in the next week or so because it’s going to be my biggest project to date and you can bet I’m going to capture it from every angle

786) How much do you tend to swear in public? Up until very recently I pretty much neverswore, ever. Now though, I’ll sometimes swear around my family or friends but in public I definitely try to keep it to a minimum. Especially if there are kids around. But ask me how much I swear when I’m driving and you’ll get a very different answer…