discovery coffee on a dark wood table with small hexagon floor tiles and a moleskine journal
coffee in bed with fluffy white sheets and a Ghost Mountain tumbler

Let's just take this moment to say hello to March, the month of birthdays, expectations of spring, and new beginnings!

Best part of the week: This is not a very exciting story so feel free to bypass it if little kids being adorable isn’t your cup of tea.
On Tuesday afternoon I was walking downtown on my lunch break behind a grandpa and two little boys. One was in the stroller and the other was walking and holding grandpa’s hand. The one who was walking kept trying to readjust his pants and at one point stopped to pull down one of the legs so it was covering his sock. Once it was right where it belonged, he stood up, started walking, and reached for grandpa’s hand without even looking up. That alone was adorable and made me smile but because I was a ways behind them I could still see this little kid keep trying to readjust his pants while they were still walking. He would do these little leg jiggles and use his tiny hands to try and hike up his pants but they just wouldn't stay where he wanted them. I don’t know why this was the best part of my week but I’ve thought about it every day since it happened and it makes me smile every single time.

Worst part of the week: Disclaimer - this may be considered oversharing to some, but what’s the point in doing these things every week if I’m not being honest.
Monday afternoon/evening was the.worst. Every few months I get major, unbearable, life-halting cramps that last for ages. Monday afternoon they hit hard and by the time I got home after work my entire body was shaking and I could hardly stand up straight. Once I got into bed with my hot pack, even the fetal position didn’t feel comfortable.

Something I’m grateful for: I’m 99% sure I’ve said this one before but I’m really grateful for the people in my life who get me to look at things in new ways - even if (especially when) they challenge the ways I think or behave. I may not always agree with the different outlooks, but hearing and thinking about different perspectives, opinions, and ideas helps me connect better both with other people in the world and with myself.

Something I’m excited for: Monday’s post so that I can tell you what I’m really excited for!

124) Would you rather trade some intelligence for looks or looks for intelligence? I’d rather leave everything as it is. But to answer the question… if we operationally define intelligence as “the ability to apply knowledge” then I’d say I’m a fairly intelligent person. I could probably use a little bit more knowledge but in terms of being able to apply the knowledge I already have, I think I’m good. Not that I’m overflowing with intelligence, by any means. I may know a few more useless equations than I know how to actually use but I wouldn’t really want to trade any of my intelligence to look better…
I think I overthink these questions sometimes.

Happy weekending friends! See you Monday with a fun little announcement!