**a few photos of the changing seasons from my solo adventure on Saturday morning**

Best part of the week: On Saturday afternoon/evening I went downtown to welcome the royals. I tried to get up close but hellooooo anxiety! Too many people, not enough space to breathe, and no way was I elbowing my way to the front on my own. So I sat further back so that I could kiiiinda see what was going on but got to vibe off of everyone around me. It was fun to be down there with all the excitement, even if it was a little silly!

Worst part of the week: I have been ex-haust-ed. I don’t know if it’s the weather changing, the shorter days, or if something’s wrong with me but I have been so tired these last few days. Too tired to knit even. And that’s saying something.

Something I’m grateful for: Kids. On my walk to and from work I see so many kids - kids walking to school, kids in strollers, kids throwing tantrums on the bus… And no matter what they’re doing, the kids I see make me so happy. Sure they may be slightly annoying when they’re yelling at each other or kicking the back of my seat on the bus or crying because things aren’t going their way, but they’re so real. They’re never afraid to show their emotions or be themselves or let people know what they think when they think it and watching these tiny humans find their place in the world, even if just for a minute, makes me feel so so happy.

Something I’m excited for: On Sunday I’m making fall wreaths with a friend. We’re going to collect all our materials from the beach and the forest and get our craft on! I’m usually not all that excited for Sunday afternoons but this one I’m definitely looking forward to!

244) Are you a hat person? I think so. I wear toques throughout fall and winter and sometimes I wear my favourite felt hat so I’d say I’m down for some nice head wear.

Happy weekending peeps, see you IN OCTOBER (what the heck?!).

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