DIY Fall Wall Hanging

So now that it's October I've decided that it's time to fully embrace fall. The pumpkins, the cold, the sweaters, the rain, the cozy time on the couch, the baking, the shorter days, and all the other fall-ish things that people seem to love.

To help get us in the spirit a friend and I decided to try to recreate a wall hanging like the one Design Love Fest made a few years back.  We kept ours a bit more natural and just used things we found on the beach and in the forest. We're both thrilled with how they turned out and I think they'd make for some perfect decor for Thanksgiving.


  • drift wood base
  • ferns, leaves, pine cones, acorns, wheat, wild grasses and flowers, berries, anything you find and love that helps create a fall feel
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • scissors
  • string

Step 1: Attach some string to your driftwood to be used as the hanging part.
We secured ours with knots on both ends and used hot glue to help keep it in place and reinforce the knots.

Step 2: Add your string embellishment.
This is the part that takes it from wreath to wall hanging and is a simple way to mimic the look of the oh-so-popular woven wall hangings and macrame wall hanging adorning the walls of many a Pinterest home.

Step 3: Create your bundles.
We found that making the arrangements first then securing them with string and then hot gluing it was the best way to go. It lets you play around with looks and makes it easier to manage the arrangements.

Step 4: Secure your bundles to your driftwood.
Now that you've got your bundles of leaves, ferns, grasses, and flowers prearranged it's easy to slather on the hot glue and attach them to the driftwood. Feel free to keep adding hot glue until you're happy with how it's sitting on the wood. You don't want your bundles falling off or the wood being pulled down by the weight.  It's better to go overboard than have to deal with the mess of cleaning up crushed dried leaves later.

Step 5: Hang and admire.
This step is pretty crucial. You're bound to feel pretty darn proud of yourself when you're done so make sure to step back and take in the fabulousness of your fall creation!

Oh, and don't forget to get that 'gram!