Best part of the week: I had a really nice visit at home over the long weekend. I got to see lots of family, had a couple of over due visits with some people I’d been missing, slept in, played with the dog, and ate super tasty food.

Worst part of the week: I’ve been feeling all out of sorts the past couple of days. We’re having a bit of a bad weather spell which has made the days that much more grey and feeling extra short. I think I’m highly sensitive to the weather so when it gets all gross outside it makes me feel all gross inside.

Something I’m grateful for: My hottie. Not a boy, calm down. It’s one of those Magic Bags or buckies or whatever you call them with the rice inside them that you put in the microwave and wear around your neck or put on feet or use when you have lady pains. A friend of mine made me one out of pink My Little Pony fabric a few years ago and the first thing I do when I get home from work is put it in the microwave and throw it over my shoulders while I curl up with dinner and knitting and shows.

Something I’m excited for: There’s a blog collaboration happening this weekend and I can hardly wait.

401) Do you know any self defence or martial arts? Do I ever. I took karate classes when I was nine so basically you don’t want to run into me on the streets at night.

Happy weekending folks, stay dry and stay warm!