Well, somehow we’ve arrived on the last day of November. Part of me is like “wasn’t it June like yesterday?” and another part of me is all “how the heck have I only been here for two months and done everything that I’ve done?!” Time. What a crazy thing.

Best part of the week: Buckle up because I have a story to tell you. On Wednesday night I had a huge hankering for pizza. So my friend and I went to take care of the craving. I got to the restaurant first so I got the table. Less than a minute later my friend walks in, her eyes go wide, she shakes her head and signals for me to come outside. Very confused (and slightly worried) I grab my jacket and run out to see what the heck that was about. She explains that we can’t go to that place for diner because friends of hers are there on a date and she can’t be in there while they’re in there. Understandable. But it meant no pizza. Or at least that’s what one would think. While we were standing outside figuring out our next move a man comes out of the restaurant holding a pizza box. Next thing I know my friend is explaining the whole situation to him and he ends up GIVING US HIS ENTIRE MARGHERITA PIZZA. He said he gets a pizza almost every night and randomly gives it to people across the street but tonight it was ours. I could not freaking believe it. We didn’t even look homeless - I had my fancy work jacket on and everything! So that was nice.

Worst part of the week: We had a deadline at work this week that had us in a bit of frenzy. But it’s done and now we’re onto the next thing! 

Something I’m excited for: Tomorrow is December 1 so that means it’s officially advent calendar time!! And I have one that I am SO freaking pumped for. It’s an email advent calendar and every day for 31 DAYS a little piece of magical wisdom is going to get delivered right to my inbox. It’s called 31 Days of Presence, Presents & Play and if you want it (which you should because who doesn’t want a daily dose of love notes, tips, tricks, suggestions and prompts to get through the holidays?!) you can sign up HERE. This isn’t a sponsored thing, I’m just super excited for it.

Something I’m grateful for: this week it was brought to my attention that when you look at car headlights at night you can see a rainbow around them and beautiful little surprises like that, my friends, are always something to be grateful for.

504) Is it criminal to wear socks with sandals? Absolutely not. It’s called comfort people. And practicality. You get to keep your feet warm and all wrapped up in a cozy pair of wool socks but you also get the comfort and ease of wearing sandals. Just maybe don’t wear mid-calf grazing tennis socks with strappy Tevas, okay?

Happy weekending buddies! Hit up a craft market, sip some hot chocolate, and cozy up with your favourite people, a good book, or a good show.