photos from the stellar weekend I had last weekend with an old buddy

What a week it has been, lemme tell ya! I am waking up today feeling so incredibly full, inspired, and grateful. I had such a great week doing all the things I love and, in what is becoming my new normal, I feel like I just might explode with gratitude.

Best part of the week: I don’t even have to think for a second about this one. Yesterday I had the most amazing day. I got to be the photographer at a shoot that was so MUCH that I don’t even have the words to describe it. It was for a magical friend who is doing incredible things and the entire day was just so WOW. There were candles and blankets and twinkle lights and exposed brick walls and art and dancing and music and holy freakin gosh was it ever amazing!

Worst part of the week: On Wednesday morning I woke up not liking any of my clothes, hating my hair, and wishing my face was just different. But the feeling was temporary and by the time lunch rolled around my outfit felt comfortable, I was glad that I hadn’t cut all my hair off with my kitchen scissors (a thought that maaaay have crossed my mind while I was getting ready in the morning) and I was back to appreciating my fine little face.

Something I’m grateful for: The list is oh so very long my friends. But this week I was feeling particularly grateful for my uniquely supportive parents who have never made me feel like I couldn’t become whatever I wanted or made me feel like what I wanted to become wouldn’t be good enough.

Something I’m excited for: Tonight I am going market hopping with a few friends and I am so stinkin pumped! If you saw my list of things to do in Victoria this winter then you’ll know that this weekend is a biiiiig weekend for markets. We’re hitting up one right after work then piling into the car and heading over to another one! 2 markets in one night! What a life I live!

512) Have you ever made someone cry? What kind of question is this? Of course I’ve made someone cry. I’ve made a few people cry. I’m ruthless.

Just kidding.

But for truth, I know I’ve hurt feelings and said the wrong things and caused tears of sadness but I also know that I’ve lifted people up, made them feel loved and elicited tears of gratitude and happiness. I think that part of being human is making people cry because part of being human is feeling feelings and sometimes when we feel our feelings we cry. And that is perfectly ok.

Happy weekending peeps! With tomorrow marking 1 month until Christmas Eve you now have my official permission to start getting excited! So crack that egg nog, blast the Christmas tunes, deck those halls, and take a deep breath (or 12) and a remember that the holidays are about so much more than checking things off lists, buying presents and managing your extended family.