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Best part of the week: Yesterday I got to work from home and let me tell you, it was bliss. I got to sleep until 8:30, showered, did a load of laundry, had a Christmas candle burning, and lay on my couch in my sweats doing work. And I got it all done!

Worst part of the week: Guys, this whole “month of November” thing can just go away. I am so over being grumpy all the time. And it isn’t for lack of trying. I am trying so hard to be positive, think positively, be grateful, be compassionate, and be accepting. My next move is to just embrace the grump. Be one with the grump. I read the other day that harder we try to push feelings away, the longer they stay with us.

Something I’m grateful for: HO-CHO! I am grateful for the magic powdery goodness that transforms into liquidy chocolatey hot deliciousness. Sprinkle some mini marshmallows on top and BAM! everything in the world is just fine for just a moment.

Something I’m excited for: GILMORE GIRLS!!!!!!! It’s out today and y’all should be proud of me for not calling in sick just so I could stay home and watch it. My mom is coming over with one of her friends this weekend so we’ll be too busy doing all sorts of fun things for me to actually get to watch it but come Sunday night/Monday night you will find me parked on the couch with all the junk food (the Gilmores wouldn’t have it any other way) feeling all the feels and loving every single second. How do you know I'm going to love every single second of it, you ask? Well let me tell you. I've been up since 4am thanks to a violently coughing/vomiting man outside my window. Now rather than lay there hating the universe for waking me up and not letting me get back to sleep I thought to myself "Hey, I wonder if Gilmore Girls is on Netflix yet?" So at around 430 I rolled over, grabbed my phone, checked the 'flix and low and behold there were the Gilmore Girls smiling at me, coffee in hands. So I proceeded to watch the entire first episode. That took me to just after 6am at which point there was no use in trying to go to sleep since my alarm goes off at 630 anyway. All this to say, it's good folks, and you too should be very excited to watch it!

Would you rather get coffee with Lorelai or bake a cake with Sookie? Coffee with Lorelai. As entertaining and delicious as it would be to bake a cake with Sookie I think I’d be more relaxed chatting/speed talking with Lorelai than I would be trying not to screw up sugar and flour measurements… Especially now that I've been up since 4am...

Happy weekending everyone! Go out and score some deals today, shop small tomorrow and Sunday, hit up the interwebs on Monday and be grateful for everything you already have all days!