^ enjoyed some tasty beverages this week so here's photographic proof ^

Best part of the week: this was another pretty stellar week, I must say! But a favourite part was going on a walk with a little munchkin that my friend was babysitting.  He was 7 months old and so squishy and cute and it was just so much fun talking in a baby voice and being weird to try to keep him entertained.

Worst part of the week: When I was coming come from the mainland on Sunday I had to wait at the ferry terminal from 630 to 9.  That wasn’t exactly the funnest of times but I had my tunes so it was alright

Something I’m grateful for: I had all of the gratitude this week! I love my apartment, I love all my things, I love where I live, I love my job… The list could go on and on and but I’m just going to keep it simple and stick with those.

Something I’m excited for: There’s a makers market happening here in Victoria tomorrow and I am sooooo excited to go! There’s going to be a whole bunch of my favourite local makers there and now that I have a job I don’t even have to feel guilty when I buy all of their amazing things!

285) Do you buy any weekly/monthly magazines? I used to subscribe to Nylon but I think that it just recently ended… I’m really loving all of the beautiful magazines like Cereal, Kinfolk, Darling, and Woven and would love to buy those more often.

That’s all for today folks. I hope you all have a happy weekend and are able to get outside and enjoy some of this fabulous weather we’ve been having! ALSO! Don’t forget to love on your mumma on Sunday and tell her how much you love and appreciate her!