Spring Beauty

As many of you know I'm not one who's all that into beauty stuff.  Yes I wear it daily, some days more than others, but for the most part I keep things simple and have been using the same products for ages (I'm not kidding - I've used the same powder since high school and my BB cream hasn't changed in almost 3 years...) But lately there have been a few products that have crept into my life that I just gotta share!

Benefit has some great stuff.  I've used their Hoola and Bene-tint since grade 11.  Recently my mom gave me this Sugarbomb blush/bronzer/sparkly thing that I've been loving.  I wear it daily.

If you're like most of the female population at the moment, you're constantly on the hunt for the perfect eyebrow shiz.  THIS IS IT PEOPLE.  It's so cheap and so amazing and you need it. Also, Loreal Voluminous Original mascara is where it's at.  None of that plastic applicator nonsense - a real brush that creates real voluminous-ness.

I'd wanted this Commodity perfume sample kit for ages.  When I found out Sephora had it I beelined over there to pick one up and I'm so happy I did.  I was never really into scents before and making the commitment of buying an entire bottle of perfume always seemed like an unnecessary expense.  But as I've been falling in love with a couple of these (Gold and Mimosa are my top two) I have seriously been contemplating a splurge...

Have you guys heard of Julep? They're this company in the states that make amazing beauty products and sell them individually or as a subscription box.  I was subscribed for a little over a year and loved it.  Each month I got a couple of nail polishes, a full sized beauty product and a sweet little treat.  Each box that you receive adds "tokens" to your account which can be redeemed for more beauty things! After being subscribed for a year I had enough points to get over $150 of product for FREE! And I'm sooooo happy with what I got!  Even though I don't subscribe any more I will definitely be buying their products individually in the future - especially this mattifying face primer.

For those of you that know me, you know showering isn't always at the top of my priority list... Most of the dry shampoos I've tried have been alright but I must say, nothing works as well as this little jar of lavender baby powder.  Kudos to Paige who told me to try this! It absorbs all the nasty and leaves my hair feeling refreshed and soft, rather than gunky and and crunchy.  Bonus - it's waaaaay cheaper than dry shampoo.

And if you're not using it already, do your hair a favour and go get some Moroccan oil.  Not quite as cheap as baby powder, but just as necessary.

Any products you've been loving? Let me know down below!