Best part of the week: I have been LOVING the weather we’ve been having here in Victoria these last few days! After days and days and days of rain it’s been so nice to see the sun and feel its warmth!

Worst part of the week: I’ve been feeling super stressed out this week. It never really goes away, it just dulls a bit when I do things that I enjoy, so that’s a bit of a bummer.

Something I’m grateful for: THE SUN! Even though it’s been a stressful week, this sun has been doing wonders for me.

Something I’m excited for: I don’t have enough time to go home for Easter this year but next Friday a few friends and I are going to have a little Easter dinner at my place.  I can’t wait to decorate and cook and eat allllllll the chocolate!

346) Whats your opinion on rats? Wild rats? NOPE. Rats that you keep as pets? Well, my sister had one for a while and it was ok so I guess if they’re your thing, I can deal…

Happy weekending, folks!