What. A Week! First, let me just say I’M OFFICIALLY A UNIVERSITY GRADUATE!!!!!!! Second, apologies for the crickets around here this past week, life’s been a little busy…

Best part of the week: Where do I even begin?! Between going home for Zoe’s grad on the weekend, to MY grad on Tuesday, to getting a raise at work, to getting sister tattoos with Zoe, and did I mention I graduated on Tuesday?!

Worst part of the week: Well, I’d have to say Sunday morning kinda sucked… My fabulous grandparents lent me their car while I was home last weekend (because I leave mine on the island) with the only stipulation being it needed to be back to them by 1130 on Sunday morning. Pfffft! When I sleep in it’s usually until 830, maaaaaaybe 9 so 1130 would be no problemo! Wrong. At around TWELVE THRITY my mom comes into my room telling me I was supposed to have dropped off the car twenty minutes ago! So I jump out of bed, leave my wallet, phone, and clothes (I was wearing my pyjamas, calm down) and race to the lawn bowling place where they’re waiting for me.  I have absolutely no idea how I got there in one piece because I’m pretty sure I was still asleep while I was driving (not actually, that would be unsafe). Tears followed, as did confusion about where I was and what I was supposed to be doing, which were all remedied by a nice coffee and a shower. So, although it ended happily, Sunday morning - or afternoon rather - got off to a bit of a shaky start.

Something I’m grateful for: ALL THE THINGS!!!!!! I have so so so much to be grateful for. I know I’ve said them all before so I’m sure you’re sick of me saying I’m grateful for my education, my family, my friends, my UK trip (which, by the way, I departed for a year ago today!!!), my health, where I live, my job, my clothes, my car, and all my other materialisticy things I’m lucky enough to have, I will say that today I am grateful for my nose. Betcha didn’t see that one coming didja? It’s usually my least favourite part of myself but without it, life would be pretty boring.

Something I’m excited for: We’re starting new things at work next week so I’m excited for that. It’s going to be a little crazy at first I think, but I’m excited to start using more of my creativity and watching things come to life after days and days of planning and organizing!

633) Whats your favourite author beginning with the letter R? Rowling. J.K. Rowling.

Happy weekending everybody! Make sure to spread the love and don’t forget to hug/phone/treat your dad on Sunday!!!