DIY Air Plant Holders

My new job has me on the internet a lot. So naturally I come across a ton of cool things! A few weeks ago I did a post on air plant holder and was inspired to make my own!

For the square ones I tried to follow the instructions from this blog but was pretty unsuccessful... Not to say that the instructions were bad! I just pulled a classic Emily and decided I didn't need to get all the materials because I'd just make do with whatever I already had... Fun fact: a serrated knife is not the same thing as a saw.

Anyway, the second ones turned out much better and are hung up on my growing gallery wall!

I did a fairly sucky job of taking progress photos - But I have decided that getting progress photos is too stinkin' hard when you're both the maker and the photographer.  Even with a tripod and self timer, getting it focused properly, trying to predict the light before the sun tucks behind a cloud, and making sure my hands are in the right place makes for a verrrrry long process.

Because I butchered this one pretty good I'm not even going to explain to you what I did. I am just going to send you straight over to Homey Oh My and be done with it!

These guys, however, I am much happier with!  To make them I used wooden dowels from the dollar store and cut/snapped/knife sawed them into the lengths I wanted. You can make them in a bunch of different shapes (I recommend looking on Etsy for some inspiration) but I liked the look of the half diamond the best!

To secure all the pieces together I used hot glue. I'm decently pleased with the outcome but if you don't want to see the glue, I suggest spray painting the whole thing once it's dry. For me, though, it's not a big deal because you can only see it when you're up close and personal with it, so I'm just leaving it the way it is!