Best part of the week: Wednesday night was super fun! I went out for dinner with a friend then we went to the Oaklands Sunset Market and wandered around. I love the vibe in markets - everyone there to enjoy a good time and oggle at all the beautiful (and tasty) things!

Worst part of the week: It was actually a pretty good week so there isn't really anything to complain about! But for completion marks I'll say that yesterday I could NOT get comfortable at work.  I don't know if I had too much energy or was just particularly antsy but at one point my boss walked in to find me sitting on the floor with my wireless laptop and mouse down there beside me.

Something I'm grateful for: music! Last night I went to a little show at a bar and it was so good! I love how music can unite people and lets people express themselves in all sorts of ways, whether it's dancing to the music, singing the music, or playing the music, everyone who's around it just becomes a better version of themselves.

Something I'm excited for: a quiet weekend. After the long weekend last week I have decided weekends should be 3 days and the work week should be 4. But since the world doesn't work that way (yet...) I will just appreciate the 2 days I get to do whatever the heck I feel like!

379) Have you ever walked into a wall? I do this more frequently than I'd like to admit... Not full on body slams into the wall but sometimes I don't realize how close the wall is and smack my arms on it or half my body will give the wall a hug...

Have a beautiful and relaxing weekend everyone and I will see you next week!