Tea Pop Recipe

Being the sugar fiend that I am, I'm always on the prowl for tasty treats. But, being the "responsible adult" that I am (ha) I am trying to keep the sugar to a minimum while still getting to enjoy yummy things! And by george I think I've done it! These tea popsicles are soooo yummy and soooo easy to make!


  • Your favourite teas! That's it!! Well, sweetener is optional but I didn't use any and still enjoyed them.


  • tea filters (I just used coffee filters and tucked them into jars)
  • containers for brewing
  • popsicle molds
  • popsicle sticks


Step 1 - brew teas

I made them pretty strong but it's up to you how strong you want yours to be.  Because I didn't cold brew them or add sweetener the flavour was slightly bitter but I liked it because it contributed to the authentic tea flavour I was going for.

Step 2: gracefully pour tea into molds

Just kidding. Graceful might be a bit of a stretch.

Step 3 - admire how beautiful your set up is

This step is optional but really, how could you not?!

Step 4 - freeze

This was the hardest part for me.  I wanted to use wooden sticks rather than the plastic because it just looks better, but it meant that I had to leave them alone just long enough so that they'd be frozen but not so frozen that the stick wouldn't go in.  Let's just say that my patience wasn't totally all there...

Step 5 - ENJOY!

You have now successfully completed the tea popsicle creating and are now free to enjoy your sugar-free, guilt-free, flavour-FULL, refreshing summer treats and keep cool all summer long!