**photos from Picot's first night market in the Fernwood Square**

Best part of the week: last night was the first night market put on by Picot. It was such a fun time and I absolutely loved seeing all the creative people being supported by other creative people and being out in the fresh evening air as the sun was starting to set.

Worst part of the week: This week was a hard one. I was in a crap headspace despite all of my best efforts and best self-care practices. I am very glad the week is coming to an end and that the weekend is looking beautiful and relaxing.

Something I’m grateful for: My journal. When I’m not feeling great, I write. I write about everything from what I ate that day to the things that bother me most in the world to things I’m grateful for to things as simple as grocery lists. Getting it all out, even just onto paper, can sometimes be just what you need in order to help you process things and work through mental blocks.

Something I’m excited for: finishing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I bought it last weekend and have been reading it slowly enough to make it last but not too slow that it’s dragging. I’ll be done by Sunday.

574) Have you ever needed an eye test? HA! This should have been last weeks question! Yes, as a matter of fact I HAVE needed an eye test. I’d been noticing for awhile that after a few hours at work I’d get super dizzy and have headaches from furrowing my eyebrows while staring at the computer screen. So I got my eyes checked and this little lady now wears specs while she sits at computers, reads books, and does pretty much anything close up.

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend full of fun times, good food, and fabulous tunes. See you next week!