DIY Tin Can Pencil Holder

The second post in our DIY dorm decor series is another super simple one! All you'll need is a clean empty tin can, a hot glue gun, and some pretty ribbon.

Step 1: add a dollop of hot glue to the back of your can - determine where the back is based on where the glue from the original paper was.

Step 2: start wrapping! Add a drop of glue every so often so that the ribbon is really secure.

Step 3: when you get back to the start, cut your ribbon, add another drop of hot glue, and secure your ribbon to the can.

diy tin pencil holder 2.jpg

Step 4: repeat the process on the bottom part of the can.

Step 5: add a second row of ribbon in a different style below your top layer and above your bottom one.

Step 6: fill with all your school writing utensils, paint brushes, ruler... or whatever else you might want to have handy right on your desk!

Like I said... super simple! But it adds so much to your desk and gives your pens and pencils a pretty place to hangout when they're not being used!