Best part of the week: On Wednesday morning I drove out to East Sooke to work on my photography project.  I’m focusing on the layers of the west coast landscape which means lots of photos of the beach, the forest, and the mountains.  The beach and forest photos are super easy to get… the same can’t be said for the mountains.

Worst part of the week: Monday morning was rough.  After a week of easing into the days, my body was not impressed with the early morning madness and the caffeine in my black tea just didn’t quite cut it.

Something I’m grateful for: understanding professors.  Maybe you’ve heard, but I’m in stats.  Stats sucks.  It’s hard, it’s confusing, and, in my opinion, is completely useless.  Despite all of this, it’s a mandatory class.  So I had to go to office hours (something I usually avoid unless absolutely necessary) but I am so glad I did.  He answered all of my questions, gave me a mini extension, and told me to come back if I start to feel like it’s just too much. I just so appreciate how I felt heard, understood, and that he did what he could to help me be successful.

Something I’m excited for: I have a friend from home coming for the weekend and I can’t wait!!

306) Do you love or loathe Harry Potter? Meh, it’s alright.