On Repeat

It’s been ages since I last shared some of the music I’ve been loving!  It is true that once I find something I love, I listen to it over and over and over again but the music I’ve been listening to lately has definitely changed since MAY!  The first three I’m sharing are albums and the last three are singles.  So if you’ve been looking for some new tunage, look no further!

Coeur de pirate - Roses
I was introduced to this album back in September but have been listening to it ever since.  There is a mix of both French and English on the album as she is a French-Canadian singer but I really like the mix!  

(Favourite songs: Drapeau blanc, Carry On, Crier tout bas, Oceans Brawl)

Adele - 25
If I didn’t include this album on my list of music I would be lying to all of you.  I listen to this CD just about every single time I am in my car.  Constantly.  If I’m on a long drive, the CD repeats until I get to my destination.  I love it.

(Favourite songs: Send My Love (To Your New Lover), Water Under the Bridge, Sweetest Devotion, Why Do You Love Me)

Ellie Goulding - Delirium
This album was the only one I listened to for quite some time, pretty much until 25 came out… I think there’s a great range of types of songs and I think this is my favourite CD of hers.  I soooo wish I could go to her concert in April.

(Favourite Songs: Keep On Dancin', Codes, We Can't Move To This, Army)

Doe - We Are Young
I give Instagram full credit for turning me on to this song.  This song is actually from an EP made by a girl I’ve followed for ages.  She takes fabulous pictures and then BOOM all of a sudden she’s made an EP.  That is some talent.

José Gonzàlez - Heartbeats
I didn’t realize I liked this song so much until I was going through my Spotify playlist and I have this song three times in one playlist.  I think that says it all!

Gardiner Sisters - Home/Dirty Paws
The covers that these girls make are flawless.  They’re beautifully calm, they’ve got an originality to them, and they’re great to sing along to!

This list is by no means complete.  Between now and last May I’ve gone through a ton of music, but these are the artists and songs I’ve been listening to most frequently and most recently.  Now it’s your turn!  What have YOU been listening to lately?