Best part of the week: I had a really great Wednesday this week.  It was really full but an all around really good day.  I went did a blog thing in the morning, went to the school to study, had a job interview, and was asleep by 1030.  A good day in my books!

Worst part of the week: I got a concussion last weekend from falling down the stairs.  Thanks to that, I have had a headache pretty much constantly all week.  

Something I’m grateful for: my supportive family.  When I went home last weekend I got to see both sets of grandparents, both of my aunts and uncles.  It feels really great to know that I’ve got so many people rooting for me and who want me to be successful and contribute in all sorts of ways to encourage my success.

Something I’m excited for: School to be done.  I have exactly one month until I am officially done school! CRAZY! I am so excited and so stressed that the two sort of cancel each other out and leave me motivation-less.  Or maybe that’s just my end-of-year syndrome…

706) If you could replace one bodypart with a super bionic replacement what bodypart and what features would the new bionic replacement have? Ever since watching Inspector Gadget I’ve wanted to be able to say “go go gadget arm” and have my arm/hand shoot out so I can grab whatever you want.  So, purely to indulge my laziness, I’d like a go go gadget arm so that when I get into bed and forget to turn off the light, or leave my drink on the table while I’m in the kitchen, I could just shoot out my hand and take care of business.

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