DIY Beeswax Coconut Honey Candles


I'm in the process of trying to make my life a little cleaner.  I'm trying to be more mindful of what I surround myself with and what's going into my body (other than food of course, because chocolate and candy won't eat themselves you know).  Any-who, I am a huge lover of candles.  I love how they brighten and warm up a space and can fill the air with such delectable scents.  The thing I don't love about them is how bad they can be for your health.  There are all sorts of chemicals in scented candles that do absolutely nothing good for.  In fact, they might even be doing bad things to you! But this doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the flicker and the smell.  It's just about finding products that are good for you and the environment!  Beeswax, for example, has many benefits including the fact that it produces negative ions which are known to promote clean air.  There are all sorts of great candles that use beeswax (have you heard of Noble & Co. or Lux et Terra?) but it's also pretty easy to make your own!


  • 100% natural beeswax
  • coconut oil
  • honey
  • candle wick
  • container


  1. Create a double boiler using an empty can and a pot.
  2. Place flakes or cubes of beeswax into the can and let it melt completely.
  3. Add the coconut oil and honey (for the beeswax to coconut oil ratio I recommend 2:1 and for the honey, just add a squeeze). Stir to combine.
  4. Secure the wick to the bottom of your container using hot glue or a dab of wax.
  5. Pour the mixture of wax, oil, and honey carefully into the container - I stress the word carefully because this concoction is HOT!
  6. Let cool for 24 hours, trim the wick, light your candle!