Road trip Part 3

Our last destination was Los Angeles.  I speak for both myself and Brittney when I say "thank the gawd we drove all the way down there."  Seriously.  The heat was unbelievable.  30 degrees (celsius) both days we were there!  We stayed in Santa Monica and did most of our walking around there.  We both wanted to go into Hollywood but neither of us was too keen on driving through LA so we decided to be uber tourists and take one of the hop-on-hop-off tour buses.  While we may have looked silly sitting on top of the red double decker bus, let me tell you, I learned a lot about the history of LA and got to see way more than if I had been in a car.  And it was a nice break for both me and Brittney not having to drive but still getting around!  That night, we walked down to Santa Monica beach and watched one of the most incredible sun sets I've ever seen.  It was so amazing.  We tried to make a time-lapse video of it but neither one of us had much success.  

After being recharged by the sun, our journey home began.  We had taken the I-5 the entire way down to LA and so decided that we would take the coast for at least part of the drive home.  We drove along the Big Sur from about 2pm to 6pm and were completely in awe the entire time.  It started with us coming around a corner, seeing nothing but sky, rolling green hills, and the ocean.  We got out of the car and Brittney and I were both speechless.  That is until Brittney came up with the quote of the trip... "Holy f****.  Nicely done Mother Nature."

We took turns sitting in the back seat of the car as we drove along the coast taking video and just taking it all in.  We made lots of mini stops to take pictures and just look at what was around us.  Watching the sun set into the water was one of the most amazing things I've seen.

After that, the rest of the trip was pretty unremarkable.  It was a lot of driving in a short amount of time.  We stayed at the cheapest places we could find and by the time we got home we were very appreciative for clean showers and our own beds.  It was a trip that both Brittney and I had talked about doing for years and I am so grateful that I got to do it with her!