Road trip Part 2

The next two days were spent in San Francisco.  Neither one of us had ever been and both of us were blown away by it's uniqueness.  All of the buildings were so beautiful, the people were incredibly friendly and there was so much for us to see and do!  Our hotel (or should I say motel) was in the Marina district so we did most of our exploring in that area.  With the exception of taking a trolley car, we gave Vera (our car) a break, and decided to do all of our wandering on foot.  Once Brittney got a new pair of shoes, the exploring became much more enjoyable.  We walked around the neighbourhood our hotel was in, we did Union Square, meandered our way about Fisherman's Warf, and watched the sunset on the boardwalk.  

I'd never had much desire to go to San Francisco before, but after spending some time there, it is without a question a city I will be returning to someday!

Part 3, Los Angeles, will be up tomorrow!